IMG_3894SWNHS will work with and accommodate the interests of like-minded stakeholders and partners. SWNHS is has facilitated the establishment of the following working groups:-

  • Bird working group (Keeping country records & Migratory species)
  • Mammal working group (Conducting assessment of Mammals in the country)
  • Herpetefauna working group (Assessing the diversity of amphibians and reptiles)
  • Fish working group (Responsible fresh water and marine fish)
  • Flora working group (Responsible for Natural flora of the country)
  • Environmental law enforcement working group (Tackling the illegal trade of biodiversity)
  • Climate Change Working Group ( Responsible for Climate Change issues related to wildlife and Natural Resources)
  • SWNHS will work and collaborate with National and international stakeholder for save guiding the biodiversity of the country and develop specific project addressing the identified priorities.