Vision & Mission


Somalia’s environment and Biological resources are conserved wisely and continue to serve the livelihood of current and future generations.

SWNHS’s mission is to promote the understanding, appreciation and conservation of natural biological resources. In pursuit of this mission, SWNHS strive to: Create a nature friendly population, Enhance knowledge of the Somalia’s natural history; Take action to conserve priority species, sites and habitats and Advocate for pro-poor policies favourable to the environment.

SWNHS anticipates achieving the following specific objectives:

Promote education on environment, conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity and natural resources of the country.
Raise awareness of members and the wider public on the need to conserve the environment and promote sustainable utilization of natural resources of the country.
Advocate for development of strategies, formulation of pro-poor and pro-people policies and issuance of legislations that are pertinent to the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity and natural resources
Support, promote and conduct demand-driven researche related to the conservation of biodiversity and protection of environment
Ensure that development plans taking place at key sites, identified as Biodiversity Hotspots, are eco-friendly and are not affecting the sites in any manner.
Undertake on-the-ground conservation activities at key and threatened biodiversity sites
Disseminate information and lessons learnt on biodiversity conservation and environmental protection activities to various stakeholders to support informed decision-making.
To address climate change vulnerabilities related to Natural Resources